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Finixio AI and other crypto auto trading platforms are used today by many crypto traders to place profitable trades without having to monitor them daily and analyze them in-depth.

Finixio AI claims to help traders maximise their profits with efficient auto trading. The purpose of this Finixio AI review is to provide you with all the information you need about this platform so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to use it. Here’s what you need to know.

Finixio AI Review 2023– Overview

  • Finixio AI’s main goal is to provide beginners with an investment tool that actually works, so that they can succeed.
  • Using machine learning AI, Finixio AI analyzes a wide range of trading indicators on your behalf, which you don’t need to worry about, such as the relative strength index, moving average convergence divergence and average true range.
  • The account holder controls how funds are invested and used.
  • In order to access your broker’s tools, you must deposit at least USD250.
  • Brokers’ systems are integrated with AI tools from Finixio. Brokers offer proprietary systems such as CTrader, MT4, and a few others.

Your capital is at risk.

What is Finixio AI?

Finixio AI is an algorithmic trading tool (sometimes called a ‘bot’) that aims to help users’ succeed with investing. It has been reported that more than 35,000 people have already used Finixio AI to jumpstart their financial freedom journey.

Finixio AI is an automated trading platform that uses machine learning AI to analyze a wide range of trading indicators, such as the relative strength index, moving average convergence divergence, and average true range indicators, on your behalf, so you don’t have to. Using AI, the platform integrates these indicators into a beginner-friendly interface.

Create a customized automated trade and Finixio AI promises that you will never miss a rally or be caught in a dip again. With Finixio AI, they search for effective market indicators to give you the power to control your trading machine and to make smart allocations of funds. Using a fully automated algorithm, you will be able to take advantage of every market move, 24/7. In a few minutes, you can build your own custom GRID and DCA strategies based on back-tested GRID and DCA strategies.

Important note: There is no objective evidence to back up any of the claims made by Finixio AI. The platform is very new, and little is known about its success rate. Be careful, your money is at risk.  

Your capital is at risk.

Finixio AI Legitimacy

Before we continue with the review, it is worth noting that there are several bot websites that operate under the Finixio AI name. This has lead many people to question the legitimacy of the tool and is something to consider before putting any of your funds at risk.

This also means that it is difficult to find any certain facts about the company, as each website includes different information. For the purpose of this review, we have used and to gather information.

Finixio AI Technology

Trades can be built and implemented using Finixio AI tools, eliminating the complexity of the trading process.

With Finixio Ai tools, users can place trades on popular trading platforms such as the MT4 and the cTrader with ease. The company has entered into partnerships with global brokers in order to be able to provide quality trading services to traders worldwide.

All traders, regardless of their experience level, have a lot to gain from these trading tools. With the explainer videos on the resources page, you can easily master Finixio AI tools. You can test the signals generated by the tools by using the demo provided by the broker.

Finixio AI Team

The Finixio AI team consists of a small group of dedicated individuals with a variety of backgrounds and expertise that make Finixio AI a unique company. As far as concepts and vision are concerned, they have several professional traders with decades of experience between them, as well as several cryptocurrency experts. It is important to point out that since this trading platform was created by individuals who have real insight and knowledge that money cannot buy, every element of the trading interface has been designed with functionality and practicality in mind.

Finixio AI Fees

It is required that you make a deposit of at least USD250 through your broker in order to access the trading tools. You are not paying for the trading tools with your deposit, but rather for your trading capital.

The entire account funding process is handled by top-rated financial brokers. Account funding options are available with these brokers.

Funding your trading account can be done using a variety of traditional methods, including debit and credit cards as well as wire transfers. In addition to credit cards, the underlying broker may also accept electronic wallets such as Skrill, WebMoney, and Neteller. There may also be some that support crypto wallets as well. In order to withdraw your funds, you are required to use the same method as you used to deposit them. For most methods, you won’t have to pay any fees.

From this page, you can access a financial broker to facilitate the trading process. The trading tools provided by Finixio Air are only intended to assist brokers in the trading process.

There is no charge for any of the tools under the brand. Nevertheless, you must complete the sign up process with the broker and make a deposit of at least USD250 in order to qualify. There is a deposit that has to be made when an order is placed. As a result, Finixio AI has only partnered with brokers who provide competitive pricing to their clients.

Spreads offered by all CFDs brokers assigned from here are highly competitive. Spreads start from zero pips. Their tools attract a 2% commission on any profitable trade generated. In comparison to the amazing returns generated through their tools, this commission is nothing.

How Does Finixio AI Work?

Ai tools from Finixio AI are integrated into brokers’ systems. CTrader, MT4, and a few other proprietary systems are available through brokers.

There is already an integration between Finixio AI tools and the broker’s system, which is already available. In order to access the download link for these systems, you must sign up here and fund your account through the broker. Platforms are available on the web, desktop, and mobile devices.

The trading platforms must be downloaded from this page. Downloading the MT4 or cTrader from any other source and linking it to the underlying broker will not work. Also, each download link on this page is unique to the assigned account. In other words, they can’t be used on another account.

Pros and Cons of Finixio AI


  • Displays that are simple reduce confusion
  • User-friendly interface makes navigation easy
  • First-time trader training and guidance
  • Transactions that are fast and easy, following digital trading standards
  • Security and privacy protocols of the highest standard
  • Anyone, anywhere can access bitcoin


  • There is a $250 minimum deposit required

Your capital is at risk.

Is Finixio AI Legit?

Finixio AI is a very new platform with limited information available. As a result, we cannot say for certain whether or not it is legit. It is also worth considering the fact that numerous websites for the bot are available that all have different designs, information and logos.

At the moment, it is difficult to reach a conclusion regarding the legitimacy of Finixio AI. Therefore, its important to proceed with caution and only invest if you can afford to lose your funds.

Finixio AI- Key Features Reviewed

Let’s go deeper in the key features that Finixio AI has to offer you to improve your trading experience.

✔️Automated Trading

Finixio AI is widely known for its ability to automate the trading of Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies, which is its biggest selling point. As part of Finixio’s Ai robot, sophisticated algorithms are used as well as artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the trading activities for its clients.

With Finixio Ai’s automated trading feature and the removal of human error, Finixio Ai users have the ability to make more money from crypto trading even when they are asleep or inactive in the market due to automated trading strategies and crypto signals.

✔️Customizable Trading Strategies

The majority of traditional trading methods only allow you to make money when the price of the asset increases. As a result, even when the markets are plummeting, you are still able to use their tools to apply short-selling strategies and earn money. With the ability to build powerful short-selling strategies for traders, they have earned an amazing reputation in the industry.

✔️User-friendly Platform

There is a 60% reduction in the level of trading complexity. It only takes a couple of hours for a beginner to become familiar with all tools. In order to assist users in understanding the key concepts, they provide a video tutorial. To test strategies before trading live, use the demo platform assigned from this page.

✔️24 hour Customer Support

Traders are able to reach this platform’s customer service representatives via email or live chat 24/7. Once you have been verified as a member, you will have access to the live chat.

Your capital is at risk.

Does Finixio AI Have A Demo Account?

It is not clear on the website whether Finixio AI offers a demo trading account. We recommend depositing no more than the minimum deposit while you get used to the platform.

What Are The Risks Of Using Finixio AI?

There is no trading platform that is completely risk-free. It is always possible to lose money when you trade. However, if the trading platform has the feature of setting stop-losses, the risk of loss can be mitigated to a great extent. Even though Finixio AI claims to have developed a system that has an extremely low risk of losing money, there is still a possibility that you may lose money. Smart investments should be taken advantage of as soon as possible when trading. Don’t invest your savings in it. Don’t be greedy and place your additional funds instead.

Here are some recommendations that will help you feel safer:

Do not Invest More Than You Can Afford to Lose

It is common for new traders to make large initial deposits in order to collect larger returns in the future. If you increase your investment, you may be able to make higher profits as a result. It is important to note, however, that increasing your investment may also increase your chances of losing all of your money. As a newbie, you should aim to stay as safe as possible while learning the fundamentals of the market. Starting with a small investment, they should gradually increase it as they gain experience.

Do not Rush

Crypto markets are becoming increasingly competitive, but this does not mean you should begin trading immediately. Financial decisions are often made rashly by traders. Most of their financial mistakes are made here, according to research. Consider your options, goals, and risks before you begin trading.

Learn All You Can about the Assets You Want to Trade

By understanding your favorite assets’ changing performance over time, you can develop superior trading strategies. Moreover, if you do not have enough information about the asset you are trading, you may be exposed to higher trade risks. There is an increase in the probability that you will lose.

Always Withdraw Your Profits

Make sure you withdraw your profits after every profitable trade. Your capital can always be used again to enter the trade. Unless you withdraw your profits, you will trade with them. If you are unlucky, you might lose it in another trade. By using this technique, you will also have an easier time separating your profit from your invested capital.

Trade Consistently

Crypto markets and online trading platforms are always available. This means you can trade every day without any limitations. Trading becomes easier the more you do it. The role of humans cannot be eliminated by using a robot.

How To Use The Finixio AI Trading Tool?

To start using Finixio AI you have to follow some simple steps:

Step 1: Create an account

The first thing you have to do in order to use the Finixio Ai platform is to create an account on the platform. If you would like to register, you need to go to their website and click the register button. You will be redirected to a page with a form to fill out. Your full name and contact information will be required. In order to access Finixio Ai, you will need to enter your username and password. A list of compatible and registered brokers will be presented to you after you have completed your registration.

Your capital is at risk.

Step 2: Complete security call

Additionally, you must complete a security call. This is a free resource that can assist you with setting up an account and getting started.

Step 3: Deposit funds

Upon completing the Finixio Ai signup process, you will need to make an initial deposit. In essence, it’s a free trading robot that earns money by taking modest commissions from your gains. Moreover, the payout mechanism of this robot is the most efficient and precise in comparison to other robots.

Traditional methods of funding your trading account include debit and credit cards as well as wire transfers. In addition to Skrill, WebMoney, and Neteller, the underlying broker may also accept e-wallets. Crypto wallets may also be supported by some. Withdrawals can only be made through the same method used to deposit. Most methods won’t cost you anything.

Step 4: Start trading

Using the Finixio Ai platform, it is possible to access the live trading feature by clicking on the trading button on the main screen. Before using a real-money account, traders must decide the amount of risk they are willing to take on each trade. When trading, traders should not risk more than 10% of their accounts in one transaction.

What Assets Can You Trade With Finixio AI?

With Finixio AI’s brokers, you can trade a wide range of instruments. There are hundreds of crypto pairs included in this list. The pairs revolve around the crypto sector’s trends. For those looking to build wealth through the metaverse industry, they are the best bet.  Other trends include speculating on tokenized stocks, which can also be done with tools.

It is possible to use the tools to study and gain insight into hundreds of crypto pairs.  As a result of their design, they are capable of capturing market trends and identifying amazing trading opportunities.

AI-based tools can generate signals from even the tiniest movements in the market. Multiple strategies can be built and implemented in a few minutes.

Through these strategies, the underlying broker generates trading signals. Developing strategies to capture and trade crypto market trends using the tools provided. The underlying broker offers a wide variety of tradable pairs.

Important note: There is no objective evidence to back up any of the claims made by Finixio AI. The platform is very new, and little is known about its success rate. Be careful, your money is at risk.  

Finixio AI Security

To ensure an appropriate level of security for personal data, they implement appropriate organizational and technical measures, taking into account the risks associated with processing.

It is possible that they may be required, as a result of legal or other obligations outside their control, to disclose Personal Data about you to third parties, such as public authorities, as a result of legal requirements. As a result, they have limited control over how such third parties protect personal data.

Personal Data cannot be fully secured when transferred over the internet. Because of this, the Company cannot guarantee the protection of Personal Data about you when it is transferred via the internet.

Is Finixio AI Regulated?

No. The Finixio AI tool is not regulated by any regulatory bodies. This could be a warning sign for many traders as it means that the platform may not adhere to the strict security policies that regulated platforms must do.

Finixio AI Review 2023– Our Conclusion

Finixio Ai provides new and experienced traders with several helpful features, including automatic trading of cryptocurrencies. The website claims that the robot has a high success rate. In spite of this, beginners shouldn’t rely entirely on the robot when trading cryptocurrencies. While conducting your independent research whenever possible, use the robot as one of the helpful trading tools at your disposal.

Your capital is at risk.


Is Finixio AI regulated in the US?

In the United States, option trading is not regulated. There are no financial agencies or US agencies that supervise or regulate Finixio Ai. U.S. residents are prohibited from engaging in unregulated trading activities. Customers residing within the United States or holding American citizenship are not accepted by Finixio Ai.

How much does Finixio AI cost?

Finixio AI accepts a variety of deposit methods and currencies. If you wish to start with a fiat currency such as Dollars or Euros (Pound Sterling is also accepted), you may use your bank card. Your digital wallet can also be used to deposit cryptocurrency. In your local currency, the minimum deposit is $250.

Is Finixio AI good for beinngers?

Yes, Finixio Ai's trading platform is easy to use. With the assistance of your account manager, registration and trading are simple processes.

How Does Finixio AI make money?

The amount you could potentially earn from cryptocurrency will vary greatly based on a number of factors, regardless of whether you use Finixio Ai. It stands out from the rest because of its low fees, excellent accuracy rates, and many other features.

Is Finixio AI a crypto trading tool?

Yes. Through its mobile and web apps, Finixio Ai allows automated trading. Based on our Finixio Ai review, we can see that the application uses artificial intelligence and complex mathematical algorithms to analyze the crypto market and get quality data that it subsequently uses to take calculated risks on the behalf of its users.

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