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During the crypto and NFT boom, Play-To-Earn games have become increasingly relevant. As a result, thousands of people invest their time and money every day to get an enjoyable and funny gaming experience and earn money.

Developed for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows, Meta Master Guild is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) platform for role-playing games. You will be able to play Meta Karts, Meta Masters World, and Raid NFT, amongst other games. Please read on to learn how to buy MEMAG, the native token of Meta Masters Guild.

How To Buy MEMAG 2023– Step by Step

Currently, MEMAG is in its first stage of development, and it is available to buy in a private sale on its website. Take a look at how you can purchase MEMAG.

Step 1: Open Meta Masters Guild Website

You can learn more about the Meta Masters Guild world by visiting its website, which contains all the information you need. In order to get into the web3 game, you will find an attractive site themed with the essence of it and the necessary information to do so.

Step 2: Connect wallet to presale

You will need to connect your wallet to the app once you click “buy tokens.” After that, connecting Metamask or Trust Wallet to your account is possible.

Step 3: Swap tokens for MEMAG

To purchase MEMAG, you must first add ETH tokens to your MetaMask wallet. If you would like to do this, it would be best to withdraw your ETH balance from one of the biggest exchanges like eToro.

Switch to the Ethereum network in your MetaMask wallet. You can add MEMAG token to your wallet by clicking on the [Import tokens] button and then adding a custom token.

Your money is at risk

What Is $MEMAG?

MEMAG tokens run on the Ethereum (ETH) network and have several applications in the Meta Masters Guild gaming ecosystem. Meta Masters Guild’s P2E titles use it as their native token. MEMAG tokens can be bought with in-game rewards (Gems) or staked to generate monthly yields using the tokens.

About Meta Masters Guild

MMG is the world’s first guild focused on mobile web3 gaming. The company’s mission is to develop a series of high-quality, blockchain-integrated mobile games that will form a decentralized gaming ecosystem, allowing its members to earn rewards sustainably in exchange for their contributions to the ecosystem as a form of participation.

All games will use a single currency in their ecosystem: The Meta Masters Guild token (MEMAG).

All MMG titles will reward players with ‘Gems’ that can be converted into MEMAG tokens, from which players can withdraw or reinvest in the ecosystem. By ensuring fair compensation for their investments, its system incentivizes players to invest their time and money into the ecosystem, which is needed in gaming.

It has a very simple business model: Play and Earn. Their goal is to allow everyone to play their games for free and earn rewards for spending time playing them.

With its various titles, the players will be able to earn a currency known as Gems; they will then be able to decide how to use this currency. For example, suppose they wish to stake and earn additional rewards in the ecosystem. In that case, they can exchange their Gems into $MEMAG tokens, use Gems to purchase in-game NFTs, or cash out by exchanging their Gems into other cryptocurrencies such as ETH.

Additionally, players can purchase premium, playable in-game NFTs from the Meta Masters Store on its website. These NFTs will be kept in the player’s wallet, which will be connected to the game and used in-game. NFT items that are premium will have more advanced characteristics and or better in-game stats, so you can expect that the user will have a higher chance of winning a game, which will result in a higher potential earning of Gems.

Players can purchase $MEMAG tokens directly from its website and stake or purchase in-game NFTs immediately. As long as active community members on social media, players will also have a chance to win NFTs, tokens, and other special prizes regularly. Throughout the year, they will run giveaways, competitions, and special events that will be open to the public.

All aspects of their ecosystem are designed to incentivize engagement and reward contributors. As a result, you will be adequately compensated if you put time and effort into its games or online community. Some of the ways in which Meta Masters can reward high-value contributors are listed below:

  • Building Games with Meta Masters Guild: Through partnerships with game developers, they provide early entry asset investments into their titles to its community. Their team is always happy to speak with you if you have an idea for a game they might like.
  • High-performing players are provided with in-game assets: To ensure that top-level players have access to the most advanced in-game assets, they will provide them with the highest standards. In addition, they aim to foster an exciting, competitive esports scene for their titles as part of their commitment to facilitate skilled players competing at the highest levels.
  • Creating content and developing esports teams: Their titles will be covered by official esports teams and content creators. The company is actively building a community, and content creators are a major part of this process. To market their games and entertain their fans, they will strike long-term deals with content creators and give them access to the best in-game content.
  • Giveaways and events in the community: The community members who are actively contributing to its development will have the chance to win SMEMAG tokens and in-game NFTs regularly. Having a consistent presence in its different channels will give you many chances to win prizes because they are passionate about giving back to its community.

Meta Masters Guild Games

Meta Masters Guild is well on its way to delivering high-quality, blockchain-integrated mobile games. Currently, three titles are officially in development, ranging from concept to early stages. The following are some of them:

Meta Kart Racers

The company is currently working with web3 game developers Game around on its first title, Meta Kart Racers. Currently, the company is in the early stages of development. PVP racing game Meta Kart Racers is designed for mobile devices. Meta Kart Championship requires players to escape the evil Meta overlords to compete against one another. Tokens can be earned by collecting in-game rewards (Gems) for performances on the track. Players earn rewards through skill-based competition, resource collection, and a player-driven upgrade cycle in Meta Kart.

Raid NFT

During Raid NFT, players choose from several warrior classes and battle it out in hostile environments. The game allows players to earn Gems and in-game NFTs by completing challenges. The game also features a PVP mode in which players compete against one another to earn tokens and other rewards. You create your destiny in NFT Raid, whether you want to play solo or compete in the arena. Players can test their skills against worthy opponents and find special items in battle arenas. You will become more powerful as your upgrades increase. At the moment, the game is still in its design phase.

Meta Masters World

Meta Masters World is going to be a metaverse for its members. An expansive virtual world is the setting for this exploration game, which is in a vast and open world. It will resemble an open-world game with less structure. In the Meta Masters World, players will have full autonomy and can explore, collect resources, and enter competitions. There will be endless content and possibilities for players to explore. All in-game items will be NFTs, and we envision a bustling marketplace in which players can freely exchange items. Currently, the game is in the concept/discovery stage.

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MEMAG Tokenomics

Token segmentation for Meta Masters Guild is based on the following:

Ecosystem 10.00% 100,000,000
Company Reserve 15.00% 150,000,000
Team 5.00% 50,000,000
Marketplace 10.00% 100,000,000
Liquidity 15.00% 150,000,000
Private Sale 35.00% 350,000,000
Public Sale 10.00% 100,000,000
Total Coins 100.0% 1,000,000,000

Project Roadmap

It is important to note that the Meta Masters Guild Roadmap is dynamic. Regular additions and updates will be made in parallel with the project’s growth. Based on the current development progress, market conditions, and other factors, the following road map is the most accurate indication of release dates.

Players can purchase NFTs on the marketplace initially, and trading features will be introduced later.

Why Might MEMAG Be a Good Investment in 2023?

Is Meta Masters Guild a good platform to invest in? Why should investors invest in MEMAG tokens? It is safe to say that MEMAG is a cryptocurrency with a few exciting aspects that make it one of the most promising cryptocurrencies of 2023.

No matter what items or currencies you own within the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem, they will be yours. As a result, all of the in-game assets of the game are owned, verified, and tradable on the Ethereum blockchain. By doing so, players are aware that these assets are 100% tradable, unchangeable, and are in their control, which helps to decentralize their ecosystem.

Communities Make Games

There is no point in having a multiplayer game without the community. They will ensure that their community is with them every step of the way. It will be their priority to engage and involve their community in decision-making so that your voice will shape the future development of their ecosystem.

Play And Earn

P2E gaming, also known as play-to-earn gaming, is a concept you may have heard about. According to Meta Masters Guild, it is fundamentally flawed, and they prefer Play AND Earn (P&E). According to them, earning mechanics cannot be sustainable if the entire player base seeks profit. Their goal is to provide genuinely high-quality, fun games so people will play them and spend money on them, and then give their players a chance to earn money back and be compensated for the value they provide to their ecosystem.

Your money is at risk

When Will The MEMAG Presale End?

The MEMAG Presale will be held in phases, and we are currently in the first phase. In stage 1, MEMAG tokens are priced at $0.085 and must be purchased with Ethereum. As soon as this first phase ends, the price will rise to $0.105. The presale will end at the end of January 2023. Keep an eye on Meta Masters Guild’s site for updates on the presale.

How Much is MEMAG Worth?

MEMAG is currently priced at $0.085, but once the first stage is complete, the price will rise to $0.105. It is important to remember that the presale price is not the final price. The price may rise after the presale, and the token is listed on some exchanges (the first is CEX), and considering all the hype the game is generating, it might go to the moon.

Private Sell Ends Q1 2023
Purchase Methods ETH
Chain Ethereum
Max. Supply
Min. Allocation $25

Your money is at risk

How To Make Money with Meta Masters Guild

Similarly to other blockchain-based projects, Meta Masters Guid has its cryptocurrency, MEMAG, that can be earned as a free cryptocurrency and allows users to decide the project’s future. Additionally, Meta Masters Guild offers exclusive NFT collections for completing specific actions within the platform, such as registering, buying tokens, or progressing in games.

Meta Masters will have its marketplace built on the Polygon Network’s blockchain. Moreover, it is planned to perform staking with cryptocurrency as well.

Invest in tokens

If you decide to invest in MEMAG tokens, you may be able to get some profit depending on how these perform in the crypto market. The current price of the stock on the private sale is $0.085, so it represents a very low-risk investment. Despite not being able to purchase MEMAG tokens at that price, the second stage price is also affordable.

Purchase in-game NFTs

With Meta Masters Guild, you can purchase in-game NFTs and trade them as you please since these are yours forever.

In the Meta Masters Guild store, you can buy NFTs for all of its current games, such as Meta Kart Racers, Meta Masters World, and Raid NFTs.

Invest in the Ecosystem

According to Meta Masters Guild, fun comes first and is its platform’s focus. Their goal is to create fun games; they never lose sight of that. Their goal is not to let their implementation of blockchain, tokenization, and earning mechanisms get in the way of what matters, which is to provide the player with an enjoyable and interactive gameplay experience.

They are also committed to sustainability and know that a sustainable economy model requires a stable player base, which requires a fun and engaging game to retain players.

As more players continue to play and invest in this game, this one may become more profitable.

Earn by Playing Games

Meta Masters Guild aims to be a game platform that is more than a means of making money, as mentioned above. As a P2E game, however, they want to allow their players to get back money when they play their games. So revenue will be there, no doubt about it.

How To Buy MEMAG- Presale Event Explained

Let’s understand better how to buy MEMAG through the ongoing presale. Remember that you cannot directly buy MEMAG with fiat currency, you will need to buy ETH first. Let’s check how.

Step 1: Purchase ETH from eToro

etoro logo

MEMAG tokens can only be purchased with Ethereum (ETH) at Meta Masters Guild. ETH tokens can be purchased through centralized crypto exchanges using fiat currency, then transferred to crypto wallets. Since you can deposit as little as $10 with eToro, we recommend using it.

Sign Up for eToro

Opening an account is the first step in the process. At eToro, you can accomplish this in a matter of minutes.

Start by visiting the eToro website and clicking the ‘Join Now button. The next step is to fill out your personal details, such as your name, nationality, address, and date of birth. As part of the trading platform, you will also need to provide your email address and telephone number.

Confirm Identity

It is important to mention that eToro  regulated by the FCA, CySEC, ASIC  and  FINRA as well.

You are legally required to provide proof of your identity before you can make a withdrawal from your account. Because of this, it’s important to complete the verification process as quickly as possible. You need to upload a clear copy of these two documents:

  • A valid passport or a driver’s license is required
  • Recent utility bills or bank statements

There is a good chance that eToro will validate your documents automatically – so your account should be verified as soon as possible.

Your money is at risk

Deposit Funds

Depositing funds is the next step. There is a minimum deposit of $10. Several options are available for instant deposits, including debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. There will also be the option to transfer funds from your bank account, but you will need to wait a few days for them to appear in your account.

Search for ETH

You must submit a buy order on all cryptocurrency trading sites. You need to enter your stake in the ‘Amount’ box. A minimum amount of $10 in USD must be provided.

To purchase Ethereum commission-free, click the ‘Open Trade’ button. The Ethereum coins will then be added to your portfolio. After that, you can cash out your coins at any time, commission-free.

Execute Order

By default, ETH is now available in your eToro wallet. Check to see that you have received the correct amount, and keep reading to find out how to turn them into Memag tokens.

Your money is at risk

Step 2: Move ETH from eToro wallet to MetaMask wallet

Follow these steps to send coins to an external wallet:

  • Sign in to your eToro Money account on your mobile device.
  • Tap the cryptocurrency you wish to send under the ‘Crypto’ tab.
  • Upon tapping on ‘Send,’ you will be taken to the page where you can select the amount to send and enter the recipient’s public address. If required, you can either type in the public address or use the camera icon to scan the QR code of the recipient, which will automatically input the public address for you.
  • Tap ‘Send’ once the address has been entered correctly.
  • You will receive an SMS on your mobile phone containing a verification code you need to enter. Click on the ‘Verify’ button after you have entered the code you received.
  • You will see a confirmation screen once your send request has been received. If you go to the ‘Transactions’ screen, you can find out your request’s status.

On the relevant blockchain explorer for the specified coin, you can check the validity of public keys.

Step 3: Open the Meta Masters Guild website

Research and analysis should always precede any investment decision. In addition to past performance, future potential, and management team, you should consider the company’s long-term prospects. To determine whether the game will do well in the future, you should also look into the game itself.

To do that, you need to open the Meta Masters Guild website. Know everything about Memag token and the game, including the roadmap and whitepaper. In addition, you will also be able to buy Memag directly from the website.

Your money is at risk

How to Check that a Website is Legit

As a legit site, Meta Masters Guild has its contract code audited and verified by Solid Proof as 100% secure, and its team verified by Coinsniper to ensure anti-rug and complete project security.

Meta Masters Guild has been featured on different sites, including CryptoNews, Economy Watch, and Inside Bitcoins, providing great transparency.

Step 4: Connect MetaMask Wallet to Meta Masters Guild Presale Event

Before purchasing MEMAG, you must add ETH tokens to your MetaMask wallet. Withdrawing your ETH balance from a leading exchange like eToro is the best way to do this. Ensure that you select ETH (Ethereum network).npm start when withdrawing your ETH token.

Step 5: Buy MEMAG with ETH

Make sure you are connected to the Ethereum network in your MetaMask wallet. Click on [Import tokens] to add MEMAG token to your wallet. Simply copy and paste MEMAG’s contract address below into the ‘Token Details’ field, and MetaMask will do the rest. If not, manually add them. Click [Add Custom Token] to finish.

Step 6: Wait for Presale to End to Claim Tokens

As of right now, the price of the Memag token, which is currently on presale, is $0.085 per token. In the second phase, the presale price will rise to $0.105. Investing in one of the cryptocurrencies with low market capitalization is the ideal investment time. By the end of January 2023, it will be over.

Check the best presales now here.

Your money is at risk

How To Buy MEMAG in 2023– Conclusion

Currently in the presale stage, Meta Masters Guild is a new project, newly launched, with a clear roadmap, reflected in the full version of the project’s whitepaper. The idea is to create a game universe where developers can submit new proposals and grow their community.

As part of Meta Masters Guild’s private sale, players and investors will have a chance to purchase the native token of the project, MEMAG. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure the lowest price on MEMAG by taking advantage of the private sale today!

Your money is at risk


Where to buy MEMAG token right now?

If you want to buy MEMAG tokens, you can do so by going to the Meta Masters Guild website and participating in the private sale that is currently going on.

Is MEMAG a good crypto investment?

Investing in crypto is always risky, but if you can get part of your investment back through P2E games, it could become a more attractive option.

When will MEMAG be available on exchanges?

During Q3 of 2023, it will be available on CEX, which will be the first exchange in which MEMAG will be available.

Will MEMAG explode this year?

While MEMAG is receiving some hype during this year, it will be in 2023 that we will be able to see all of MEMAG's potential.

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