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Fight Out is one of the latest move-to-earn (M2E) projects that rewards users for physical and fitness activities. The decentralized finance (DeFi) application aims to revolutionalize the Web3 space by rewarding users with monetary value from their active lifestyles. With its unique features like the ability to track workouts and other body movements, Fight Out is a unique project will real-life value. The project’s utility token FGHT, is currently on presale for early investors. Wondering how to buy Fight Out? In this article, we reveal all you need to know about Fight Out, including how to buy Fight Out Crypto (FGHT)– one of the best crypto tokens of 2023. 

Your capital is at risk.

How To Buy Fight Out Crypto 2023 – Step by Step

The FGHT token presale is now live. Investors interested in investing in the emerging move-to-earn crypto should follow the easy steps below. Note that you need a non-custodial wallet like MetaMask or Wallet Connect with USDT or ETH tokens to buy FGHT.

Step 1: Open Fight Out Website 

Head to the Fight Out presale website and click the “Buy $FGHT Now” button on the right side of the home screen. 

Step 2: Connect Wallet to Presale 

Choose your wallet option between MetaMask and Wallet Connect, displayed on the next screen, and connect the wallet to the presale website.

Step 3: Swap tokens for FGHT

Enter the amount of $FGHT tokens you want to purchase and swap the equivalent ETH or USDT tokens for FGHT. 

Your capital is at risk.

How To Buy Fight Out (FGHT) – Presale Event Explained

Understanding how to buy Fight Out means learning how to navigate the presale. $FGHT is an ERC-20 token, so users can only buy $FGHT with Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT). In other words, users must first hold these tokens in a crypto wallet to buy $FHGT during the presale. Let’s dive into the full details of how to buy FGHT. 

Step 1: Purchase ETH from eToro

Buy ETH on eToro with low fees using the steps below. 

Sign up to eToro

eToro Sign Up

Register for an eToro trading account via the eToro website or mobile app (for Android or iOS). Click on “Start Investing” on the home screen and fill out the required information in the dialogue box on the next screen. These include a unique username, a valid email address, and a password. Tick the consent boxes below and click on “Create Account” to complete the registration process.  

Deposit Funds

eToro Deposit Funds

After verifying your eToro account, deposit funds into the wallet using any of the supported payment methods, including debit/credit cards, bank wire transfers, cryptocurrencies, and e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc. 

Deposit the amount equivalent to your ETH purchase value or more – depending on your budget and trading plan. 

Search for ETH

Find ETH by searching for the coin via the search bar on the website or mobile app home screen. Enter ETH or Ethereum in the search bar, and click “Trade” after selecting it. 

Execute Order

Enter the amount of ETH tokens to be purchased, verify the order details in the dialogue box provided, and execute the order. The quantity of ETH purchased will reflect in your eToro wallet within a few minutes. 

Step 2: Move ETH from the eToro wallet to MetaMask wallet 

Transfer the ETH tokens from the eToro wallet to a MetaMask wallet to connect to the Fight Out presale and ultimately buy $FGHT.

Transferring funds from the eToro walllet to MetaMask is fairly simple. Simply choose the crypto that you would like to transfer and click ‘send’. You will then need to enter your MetaMask Ethereum Mainnet wallet address.

Step 3: Open the Fight Out website

The next part of how to buy Fight Out is to launch the Fight Out website, where the presale is currently ongoing, and follow the steps below to complete the purchase of FGHT tokens. 

How to check that a presale website is legit

Check that the presale website is legit by looking up the project’s roadmap and whitepaper. In addition, read about the team behind the project and verify their profiles on LinkedIn. You can also check their social media pages and sign up for newsletters for more information about the project. 

Step 4: Connect MetaMask wallet to Fight Out presale event

Connect your MetaMask wallet funded with the ETH tokens to the Fight Out presale event. You can do this by visiting the website and clicking the “Buy $FGHT Now” button.  A pop-up will appear, asking you to choose a wallet provider from the options and link your wallet to the dashboard. Choose MetaMask and proceed with the on-screen instructions. 

Step 5: How to buy Fight Out with ETH

After connecting your MetaMask wallet to the presale, click the “Buy $FGHT with ETH” button and enter the amount of FGHT tokens to be purchased, then swap the FGHT tokens with ETH. The equivalent ETH amount of the purchased $FGHT tokens will be deducted from the MetaMask wallet balance after a successful purchase. 

Step 6: Wait for the presale to end to claim tokens

At the end of the presale, the Fight Out team will provide information on how early investors can claim their purchased $FGHT tokens. We expect the team to hold a token generation event for the project at the time. 

The above steps are exactly how to buy Fight Out during the presale event in2023.

What is Fight Out Crypto (FGHT)?


$FGHT is the utility token that powers the Fight Out project. The token provides access to the Fight Out ecosystem, where users can participate in a wide range of physical activities, including boxing, gym workouts, etc. The FGHT token also makes up the reward system of the move-to-earn project, as users earn the token as a reward for their various activities and milestones. 

The Fight Out project is currently in its development phase, while the $FGHT token is on presale. At the time of writing, Fight Out has raised $1.8 million out of the $3.1 million target for the presale stage 1. And the token is currently worth 60.06 $FGHT per USDT. 

Your capital is at risk.

About Fight Out


Fight Out is an upcoming move-to-earn project that features a fitness app and gym chain that gamify the traditional fitness and lifestyle industry. The game allows users to enter the Fight Out ecosystem and complete workouts and other physical challenges for rewards called REPS.

In the M2E game, users are represented by Soulbond avatars that are developed based on how active they are and how much progress they make. When the avatars are developed, users can enter the Figh Out metaverse and combat with other community members for rewards. 

The Fight Out project aims to encourage massive adoption by allowing users from both the Web2 and Web3 industries to participate in its activities. The game features different categories of athletes and fitness enthusiasts, including combat athletes who enjoy boxing and pro wrestlers, who are some of the most celebrated athletes worldwide. 

Before users can compete in fights, they must have properly gathered enough strength, muscular endurance, cardio strength, combat techniques, etc. A player without good physical standards will often be defeated or seriously injured. As a result, players must build their avatars through real-life workouts and exercise via the game’s well-rounded fitness programs. 

Like every other decentralized finance (DeFi) app, Fight Out has its utility token called $FGHT. The token is currently on presale, and we’ve touched on how to purchase it in this article. 

Your capital is at risk.

Fight Out Project Team

The Fight Out project comprises a six-man team of Web3, fitness, and combat enthusiasts led by the CEO, Carl Jones. Other team members include:

  • John Bishop – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Amadeus Rennalls – Head of Design 
  • Marco Raposo – Product Owner 
  • Jack Attwood – Social Media Executive 
  • David Ryan – Community Manager

Each team member’s profile and antecedent can be found on LinkedIn. The team behind the Fight Out presale has been KYC verified by CoinSniper, giving investors a sense of safety about the Fight Out project. 

Your capital is at risk.

FGHT tokenomics

$FGHT’s total supply is capped at 10 billion tokens. That means there won’t be new coins minted or added to its circulating supply after the 10 billion limit is reached. The deflationary nature of the token makes it a good investment opportunity because of its potential to rise in value as its demand supersedes supply. We highlight the coin distribution and tokenomics below.

  • 60% (6 billion) of the total token supply is to be sold during presale to raise funds for the project launch
  • 30% (3 billion) of the tokens will be given as rewards to early buyers of $FGHT, depending on the invested amount and the vesting period 
  • 10% (1 billion) of the total token supply will be used to provide liquidity on centralized and decentralized exchanges when the coin is listed 
  • The remaining 10% will be used to develop and scale the platform. 

In essence, 90% of the $FGHT tokens will be sold and used as rewards for early investors during the token presale. The FighOut team aims to raise $100 million during this period using the aforementioned coin division. Fight Out will use the funds towards buying and rebuilding gyms that players will use for fitness activities, marketing the platform, and developing the technology that will help the project deliver on its M2E promise. 

Your capital is at risk.

FGHT Token Utility

As stated earlier, FGHT powers the Fight Out Metaverse. The token’s first use case is for payments to access the Fight Out ecosystem. According to the whitepaper, all purchases made in the Fight Out Metaverse will be exclusively done using $FGHT. In other words, players can only enter the gaming world to combat or participate in other activities, like leagues and tournaments, with the $FGHT token. 

Similarly, the token can be used for in-app purchases of REPS, which can be used for power-ups and other additional features. $FGHT will also be used as peer-to-peer wagers that players will pay before duels or high-profile contests like streamers, celebrities, legends, etc. 

In addition, users can stake their $FGHT tokens for membership rewards and prizes. Fight Out uses a stake-for-membership model, in which people are rewarded with membership tiers based on how long they stake their assets. Some of these rewards include gym membership, healthcare discounts, co-working space access, free merchandise, etc. 

Your capital is at risk.

Project roadmap

According to its whitepaper, the Fight Out project has its roadmap divided into 5 stages. The first part of the roadmap is the ongoing presale, which includes activities like the presale website launch, institutional funding round, token contract deployment/audit, marketing campaign launch, etc. The entire presale roadmap is scheduled to end in Q4 2022. 

After the presale, the next stage is scheduled for Q1 2023, and it includes activities like listing driving, closing of funding rounds, mobile app beta testing, purchase of Fight Out’s first gym, and official launch of the website and staking. 

The second quarter of 2023 will see the project launch its app, host an app launch party, launch an NFT avatar, launch the first pro fighter’s branded workout routine, official site launch, etc. 

In Q3 of 2023, the Fight Out project will further evolve with additional functionality. This includes more ways to track exercises and new ways to earn REPS, in-app social features, NFTs cosmetics launch, First Steps’ boxing course, etc.

Finally, in the last quarter of 2023 and beyond, the project aims to open its first Fight Out gym, launch and scale live workouts. It also plans to launch its Metaverse, launch NFTs for its gym membership, launch player versus player (PVP) contest mode on its app, etc.

Your capital is at risk.

What Makes Fight Out Unique from Other Move-to-Earn Projects?

Fight Out is different from other popular M2E projects like Sweatcoin and STEPN because of its additional features. Unlike other popular M2E projects that only count steps for rewards, Fight Out incorporates more than steps into its system. Though Fight Out, users can earn rewards from a series of physical activities, including gym workouts, boxing combats, muscular endurance, duels, tournaments, etc. With this model, fitness and gym enthusiasts will find the platform appealing. 

In addition, Fight Out is a Web3 project that allows Web2 users to access its platform. Unlike other projects, Web2 users can create accounts and subscribe to its app. These users can also purchase $FGHT tokens via Web2 channels like a credit card or debit card through Transak. That means they can make purchases by converting their fiat currencies to $FGHT and using the tokens for in-app purchases. 

Fight Out will build local gyms (Fight Out gyms) where users can access on-demand workout classes and live sessions instead of through the mobile app. The workout activities will include yoga, boxing, meditation, mobility, etc.  The gym will also be used to encourage community participation and workouts, and users will be able to share status updates, follow one another, and challenge in competitions. 

Your capital is at risk.

Fight Out, NFTs and Crypto staking

The integration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the Metaverse into its gaming system is another standout feature of Fight Out. Users can mint their own NFT avatars that will represent them in the Fight Out Metaverse when creating an account. The NFT is specific to each user and cannot be sold or transferred. Each player’s data and achievements are stored on the NFTs to keep track of their progress. Users can also customize the avatars to fit their digital personalities and enter leagues and tournaments using the avatars. 

Finally, the crypto staking feature on Fight Out is another notable thing about the project. The game uses a stake-for-membership model where users can stake their $FGHT tokens for membership rewards and level-ups. There are three membership tiers with staking requirements highlighted below. 

1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
10,000 $FGHT Staking Tier 1 Membership Tier 1 Membership Tier 2 Membership Tier 3 Membership
50,000 $FGHT Staking Tier 1 Membership Tier 2 Membership Tier 2 Membership Tier 3 Membership
100,000 $FGHT Staking Tier 2 Membership Tier 2 Membership Tier 3 Membership Tier 3 Membership
150,000 $FGHT Staking Tier 3 Membership Tier 3 Membership Tier 3 Membership Tier 3 Membership

Your capital is at risk.

Why Might Fight Out Be a Good Investment in 2023?

Move-to-earn projects like Fight Out are some of the latest concepts in the decentralized finance and Web3 space. However, Fight Out is a unique M2E game with numerous features that make it stand out from other similar projects. 

The $FGHT token is currently on presale. The game’s unique selling points, which include staking and the addition of other physical activities that users can participate in to earn rewards, will be the major drivers for its success.

In addition, the token is deflationary which means it’s value will increase when it gets scarce in the future, since demand will be higher than supply. 

Ultimately, presale tokens usually increase in value when they are listed on exchanges. After the $FGHT presale, it’s very likely that investors will be bullish because the project would have attracted more users across both the Web2 and Web3 spaces. All of these factors will drive more adoption and make Fight Out a good investment in 2023. 

Your capital is at risk.

When Will the FGHT Presale End?

According to its whitepaper, the $FGHT presale is scheduled to end in the first quarter of 2023. We also expect that the token will be listed on centralized and decentralized exchanges at this time. So, investors should take advantage of its current low presale price before the coin experiences a bullish run. 

How Much is FGHT Worth Right Now?

$FGHT is currently in presale stage 1, where it is worth 60.06 $FGHT per USDT. That means if USDT doesn’t lose its peg to the US dollar, investors can purchase 60.06 $FGHT tokens for $1 at the time of writing. However, this is expected to increase as the coin presale moves to subsequent stages. 

Your capital is at risk.

What Tokens Can Be Swapped for FGHT?

$FGHT is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum network. Since it’s currently on presale, investors can only buy the token using two cryptocurrency options; Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT). In other words, only both crypto assets can be swapped for $FGHT at the moment. 

However, to attract more investors from the Web2 world, the Fight Out team allows interested users to purchase the token using fiat currencies via debit and credit cards. 

Where Will FGHT Be Listed After the Presale?

There is no exact information or announcement yet about the exchanges that will add $FGHT to their listings after the presale. However, this is likely due to the fact that the token presale has just begun. We expect that the Fight Out team will provide more information about the token’s exchange listings before the presale ends in Q1 2023. 

Alternatively, users can subscribe to the platform’s newsletter to get the latest updates about the Fight Out project from time to time. 

Your capital is at risk.                   

How To Buy Fight Out Crypto (FGHT) in 2023– Conclusion

Fight Out is an exciting move-to-earn project with play-to-earn features and other standout attributes that make it stand out from its competition. The project is backed by a team of experts in the crypto and fitness industries. It plans to incentivize people when keeping healthy lives instead of only businesses making money.

Apart from the immersive Metaverse experience that the game promises, it rewards users for all kinds of movements, including walking, working up, boxing, and other activities. Experts believe all of these attributes give the game a massive chance at attracting users – especially from the Web2 and Web3 spaces.

The $FGHT token is currently on presale, where the project has raised over $1.8 million in just a day. Early investors can buy now when the price is discounted and hodl the utility token for short-term and long-term gains. Scroll back to the top of the page to learn more about how to buy Fight Out. 

Your capital is at risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to invest in the Fight Out Crypto presale?

To invest in $FGHT during the presale, investors should visit the Fight Out presale website and purchase $FGHT tokens by swapping them for ETH or USDT using a credit card or a self-custody wallet like MetaMask.

What wallet should I use to buy FGHT?

Investors can buy $FGHT from the presale website by connecting either MetaMask or Wallet Connect non-custodial wallets.

When was the FGHT presale launched?

According to the roadmap in its whitepaper, the $FGHT presale website and events were launched in the last quarter of 2022. But the official launch was on December 14,2022.

Will FGHT explode after presale?

Fight Out has had a successful presale so far. The project raised over $1.8 million within 24 hours, making experts believe that it can 1000x after its presale ends and the token lists on exchanges.

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