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Calvaria is a new gaming ecosystem based on the Ethereum blockchain network, where gamers compete against one another in a play-to-earn environment and gain true ownership over in-game assets. The brand-new game is set to explode upon its launch in 2023, which makes it an appealing investment opportunity to add to your portfolio.

Investors can buy the native token, $RIA, during an ongoing presale event which has just transitioned to stage 2. In this article, we will consider the most important aspects of the project and how to buy Calvaria ($RIA).

How To Buy Calvaria 2023 – Step by Step

RIA is now available for pre-sale to prospective buyers. According to Calvaria’s website, the token has generated 300,000 USDT and is now in stage 2 of the presale.

Users can purchase 80 RIA for 1 USDT during the second stage of the pre-sale. However, the price is expected to rise in the third stage, which will guarantee profits for investors.

Investors can purchase RIA by following the steps below:

Step 1: Launch Calvaria Website

To begin, you need to go to the Calvaria website. All the information regarding the project, such as the roadmap and social networks, can be found there.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products.

Step 2: Connect wallet to pre-sale

Click on the “Connect Wallet” button on the Calvaria home page. Investors can choose a crypto wallet and follow the instructions in the dialog box.

Step 3: Buy with ETH or Card

Investors will also need Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT) to fund their RIA purchase. However, on the Calvaria pre-sale page, investors can also find the assets on reputable exchanges.

Step 4: Execute order

Investors can purchase RIA after connecting their wallets.

Step 5: Wait for pre-sale to end before claiming tokens

It is expected that the project will be completed by year’s end. So become a part of the pre-sale and get all the information and advantages you can get.

What is Calvaria?

Calvaria: It is a card game that involves players competing in tournaments using cards representing characters with different abilities. Using complex strategies and tactics, the player must defeat opponents in order to receive rewards and upgrades. Each card is a fully mintable NFT that holds unique value.

In the game, the $RIA token represents the native currency, which is the main component of the entire economy. Additionally, there is also an $eRIA token within the ecosystem that allows users to earn money while playing the game, leveling up their cards, and purchase NFT tokens that can be used for upgrades or unique cards within the game.

Furthermore, NFT collections will give players a strategic advantage in competitions by interacting with the game mechanics and the economy. In addition to game resources, collectible NFT tokens can be sold on third-party NFT platforms, such as OpenSea and Rarible.

Your capital is at risk.

$RIA Token Key Features

Calvaria’s native token is $RIA. Staking, governance, and NFT purchases are among the functions it performs within the game. Among the best cryptocurrencies to buy now, Calvaria has large growth potential.

Due to this, the $RIA pre-sale is now progressing rapidly. So if you’re looking to make a cheap entry into the play-to-earn game next year, stock up on them early.

Among $RIA’s features are:

  • Gaining access to the game. Each new user must purchase an initial deck of cards with $RIA in order to gain access to all game features. Then, on third-party exchanges or directly through the game interface, players can purchase tokens.
  • Shopping in the in-game store. A variety of new game resources will be available in the store first. Various options are available, including decks, cards, upgrades, energy replenishment packs, etc. With rare exceptions, all resources will be BEP-721 NFT tokens that can be exchanged on third-party marketplaces. As a result of the use of the $RIA token in the store, the token will have significant value. By making purchases with $RIA, users will ensure that the tokens constantly turn over, stabilizing the game’s economy.
  • Through the $RIA staking platform, users will be able to earn daily passive income rewards.
  • Participation in voting. Participants with a certain threshold amount of $R1A locked on the staking platform will be able to vote on issues related to the project’s ecosystem governance.

Why Invest in Calvaria ($RIA) in 2023?

Calvaria is unlike any other fantasy card game due to the fact that players are given ownership of assets that can be traded for real-life value through exchanges. As an entirely blockchain-based game,

Calvaria is striving to become the best crypto card game out there. Calvaria will feature Play-to-Earn (P2E), and Free-to-Play (F2P) features to appeal to crypto enthusiasts and traditional gamers. Additionally, it’s available both on PCs and mobile devices.

This goal is accurately reflected in the team’s mission and vision. A project of the latter will be to create a wallet-based game that is accessible and fun, with a sustainable and rewarding tokenomics model that can rival the gaming industry giants.

According to the Calvaria whitepaper, the game includes numerous features that make it a relatively robust P2E crypto project, including staking, a DAO, an in-game store for NFTs and other assets, mini-games, and scholarships. In addition, the team wants the community to be a big part of the game’s operation.

One of the most compelling features is that you do not need to hold any assets to begin playing. This is because a Web 2 version of the game will exist alongside the crypto game. Consequently, Calvaria stands out from other NFT games, attracting a large number of non-crypto users.

You can earn 80 RIA tokens for 1 USDT in the Calvaria pre-sale (stage 2).

Calvaria’s pre-sale is live, with 1 USDT getting you 80 RIA tokens. All pre-sales will offer 30 million RIA tokens for 300 million RIA tokens. As the pre-sale progresses, the price of the RIA token will vary from $0.01 to $0.0325.

Your capital is at risk.

Are Crypto Games Profitable?

Play-to-earn games include MMORPGs, battle games, tower defenses, digital farming, and other models. You can sell your accumulated crypto assets for a profit on the open market as you play the game. For in-game items that also hold value and can be sold, most games use non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

NFTs were originally designed to assign real values to digital assets by using blockchain technology. The initial idea was to assign NFT tokens to real estate. NFTs are primarily used for digital creations, in-game items, images, video, and, less commonly, music. Within games, NFTs are usually playable characters, armor, enhancements, and craftable items.

One of the ways the newly emerged collection of games worked was by reaching out to users and teaching them how to use a crypto wallet and trade for the first time. In addition, the games promised blockchain utility, leading to new investment rounds. As a result, crypto games became a promising element in building new projects and testing new blockchains.

Crypto tokens were issued for earnings within the game so that players could gain real-world value from playing. The Smooth Love Potion (SLP) was the first token to use the two-token model introduced by Axie Infinity. By playing, players could earn SLP that they could sell for cash or use to breed more Axies, the game’s playable characters. A model like this was viable while player counts grew and SLP exchange rates were favorable. As a result of the hype, Axie characters were worth $100,000 or more, and the game even sold digital land plots for millions.

Are Crypto Presales Safe?

Due to their inherent price potential, crypto pre-sales are a natural choice for those considering investing in cryptocurrency for maximum gains. In addition, crypto presales help development teams raise capital and boost hype around upcoming crypto projects. In these pre-sales, tokens are usually offered at a discounted price before the Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

How to Find Safe New Crypto Token Presales

The crypto vault pre-sale earlier this year demonstrated that effective marketing could generate massive amounts of capital for a project. Nevertheless, not all pre-sales are created equal, so finding projects with high potential is crucial. Keeping that in mind, here are some key considerations:

Research the Development Team

Those who have compiled a shortlist of the best crypto pre-sales should research each project’s development team, as this plays an important role in determining the project’s longevity. Invest in projects with teams with experience in the industry – for example, blockchain technology or peer-to-peer gaming. Also, investors should avoid projects that lack information on the development team, as a lack of clarity can be concerning. An additional indicator of legitimacy is if the project has been certified by Certik or Solidproof – these are auditing services that verify the security of smart contracts.

Use Social Media

As the cryptocurrency market has grown, social media has become a valuable tool for connecting investors and sharing ideas. For example, the cryptocurrency subreddit (r/CryptoCurrency) showcases daily discussions about established and new coins. Furthermore, many users have extensive experience in the crypto market, so they can provide valuable advice regarding the potential of a pre-sale.

Review the Project’s ‘Tokenomics’

The ‘tokenomics’ of a project are also important to review, as they provide information regarding the likelihood of the token’s price rising over time. For example, the vast majority of tokens sold during pre-sales are burned once the project launches. As a result, the token’s value rises since the supply is reduced, and the remaining tokens become scarce.

Are Presale Cryptos a Good Investment?

The inherent discounts on token sales may encourage risk-seeking investors to place their capital in crypto pre-sales. Are these pre-sales a good investment opportunity, however? Here are four reasons why investors may be interested in this area:

Huge Price Potential

Since tokens are offered at a discounted price point during crypto pre-sales, they have a huge value potential. Moreover, these discounts are offered to entice early investors for a project to grow and achieve its roadmap. Consequently, the value of the relevant token will usually rise along with it – which is why pre-sales can be so profitable.

There is no doubt that crypto pre-sale tokens tend to perform well despite bearish market conditions, such as the current decline in 2023. We incorporated some pre-sales into our list of cryptocurrencies to invest in 2023, since investor interest is high in the early stages.

Access to Innovative Ideas

The cryptocurrency market has become saturated, with many projects offering similar use cases. As a result, presales provide access to innovative ideas that haven’t been seen before.

Become Part of a Growing Community

A strong community is often the key to the success of new cryptocurrency projects. It is impossible to understate the influence of retail traders – the short squeezes at AMC and GameStop and, more recently, the bull run at AMTD Digital are prime examples.

Presales foster a sense of community by providing a platform for like-minded people to connect and form lasting relationships.

Generate Passive Income

Lastly, most crypto pre-sales provide investors with the opportunity to generate passive income. Through implementing a tax on buys and sells, static rewards have offered a mutually beneficial way of facilitating regular income payments.

As an alternative, many pre-sale tokens come with a built-in staking mechanism, which offers higher yields than traditional bank accounts.

How do crypto games make money?

Those who play crypto games can think of in-game rewards as small paychecks they receive due to completing quests or other tasks.

According to Harry Turner, founder of The Sovereign Investor, in-game items like weapons, armor, skins, and other equipment can be extremely valuable in real life.

Players can generate profits by selling quests and NFTs. Many virtual in-game items on DMarket sell for millions of dollars, making it one of the largest online marketplaces for NFTs.

Crypto gamers who invest early in a successful game are likely to be the biggest winners, according to Zain Jaffer, CEO of Zain Ventures.

As part of RuneScape’s Christmas promotion in 2001, players received digital Party Hats for free. In twenty years, Jaffer says these party hats are worth billions of gold pieces in-game. According to Runescape, the most sought-after color of party hat sold for 57 billion gold pieces (close to $6,700).

It is not surprising that early investors in crypto gaming platforms and currencies will reap new real-world rewards, Jaffer says.

What Are The Best Alternative Crypto Game Presales To Buy in 2023?


In 2023, Dash2Trade is the best crypto pre-sale to invest in, as the protocol will help investors and traders better inform.

Having launched phase 1, the dashboard has already attracted more than $400,000 in investment in less than 24 hours. During Phase 1, 35 million D2T tokens will be available for $0.0476 each, meaning that $100 of investment will return 2,100 tokens.

At the end of the ninth and final phase, each token will cost $0.0662 – a 39% increase – so $100 will yield just 1,510 tokens. The pre-sale will offer 750 million of the 1 billion maximum supply, with a hard cap of $40 million.

Dash 2 Trade also has a fully doxxed team with vast experience in crypto, having launched Learn2Trade, one of our top crypto alert sites.

CoinSniper has verified the KYC of the team, and SolidProof has audited the smart contract. Trading and investing with cryptocurrencies will be made easier with the platform.

Data points on the dashboard will help investors determine whether to buy, hold, or sell tokens. Among them are trading signals, social sentiment, a strategy builder, and on-chain analysis to spot trends early.

Dash 2 Trade will also provide alerts for new initial exchange offerings and listing listings and help investors find the best crypto pre-sale projects. The project also gives away $150,000 in D2T tokens during its pre-sale.

Your capital is at risk.

The sale of IMPT tokens, a new cryptocurrency, has recently been launched on exchanges. In addition to being directed by a team of experts from important companies in the field of commerce and telecommunications, the initiative promises to significantly contribute to combating global warming, one of today’s most pressing issues.

It encourages people and organizations to become more aware of their carbon footprints and, critically, to offset some of them, which distinguishes it from many other crypto initiatives recently launched.

To mitigate the situation, it plans to issue carbon credits with the help of its hundreds of retail partners. Due to the fact that GameStop, Microsoft, and other companies have collaborated with IMPT, many investors view it as the most promising cryptocurrency.

Various green initiatives can be funded with them, whether purchased or obtained in another way. It will be possible to buy, sell, or keep these credits; when they are retired, their owners will receive one-of-a-kind NFTs.

The retired tokens will also contribute to a worldwide score that IMPT will create to motivate people and businesses to reduce their carbon footprints. During the first phase of the pre-sale, 600 million tokens will be available for $0.018 each, with $100 netting 5,555 tokens. Pre-sale tokens will be sold until all tokens are sold or on November 25, whichever comes first.

With global warming as one of the most serious challenges of our time and participation in a cryptocurrency pre-sale a great way to capitalize on the bear market, IMPT is one of the top cryptos to invest in right now.

Your capital is at risk.

How To Buy Calvaria- Conclusion

NFT games have experienced an explosion in popularity, indicating a public interest in these games. However, many barriers prevent the wider gaming community from joining despite its potential. Calvaria removes those obstacles with P2E and F2P features that reward users for their gameplay. Crypto games need this type of project to go mainstream, and it looks like that future is close at hand.

Your capital is at risk.


How does Calvaria work?

The game will focus on the afterlife, a subject rarely discussed in video games or the media. As a result, innovation and invention have more room to flourish. In its infancy, Duels of Eternity is not yet available to the public. There are, however, two demos available right now. The Calvaria ecosystem is unique in that it offers a gamified stake platform with many pools, a scholarship system where you can rent decks, develop teams of players, become a team manager, and a shop where you can buy and sell in-game assets.

Is Calvaria a good investment in 2022?

The game does not require you to install wallets or make an initial investment. Instead of forcing players to buy crypto tokens and NFT assets, Calvaria offers options. It makes all the difference. Due to the blockchain makeup of Calvaria's in-game assets, you will have full ownership of them.

Will Calvaria token make money?

Almost every pre-sale involves a gamble, but this project is unique enough to get short-term profits. Additionally, the pre-sale is not very expensive, so you can try investing in this project and checking its potential. Don't spend more than you can afford to lose, however.

How much is Calvaria worth?

Calvaria's pre-sale is live, with 1 USDT earning 100 RIA tokens.

When will the calvaria pre-sale end?

Currently, it's scheduled to be listed at the end of this year, but you'd better keep an eye on their telegram group, social media, and website to know when it's ready.

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