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Best ICOs in November 2022: Oryen on top with +100% gains, then Dash2Trade, IMPT, and Big Eyes

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While crypto presales allow investors to buy cryptocurrency at substantially reduced costs, finding a project worth investing in may take real effort. Therefore, before investing in a new crypto ICO, it’s critical to examine the project behind the new token, its prospects, and its roadmap.

Oryen is one cryptocurrency project that outperforms predictions and has increased by 100% in just one month. Oryen is a Defi platform that allows users to stake the local token, ORY, and receive industry-leading returns.

Here is the list of  the best ICOs in November 2022 ;

1. Oryen (ORY)

Oryen Network’s native token – the best ICO for November 2022 is a positive yield token with a set 90% APY that allows investors to determine their profits before investing. This APY is maintained by the team’s RFV wallet, which accumulates value through transaction taxes to steady the price.

Oryen has an initial token supply of 40 million that is elastic and changes according to the price.

To amplify this pricing effect, Oryen employs a buy-and-sell tax system that encourages users to keep their tokens. When users choose to sell, a portion of the tax is given to provide liquidity and develop the project’s treasury.

The project is now amid its initial coin offering (ICO) and has achieved a profit of 100% so far despite the current bear market. Furthermore, the Oryen Auto-staking Protocol pays every 60 minutes, making it the fastest crypto auto-staking protocol.

Never before has a yield with team assurances been given to investors. Because of this, ORY has made it into the ‘Best Crypto To Buy on Reddit’ list

2. Dash2Trade

Dash 2 Trade keeps you up to date on the market by allowing you to create and test trading strategies and track the latest news and on-chain data. In addition, dash 2 Trade excels at showing the data that impacts performance, providing you with a concentrated insight into the measures that matter most when making sound trading decisions.

Dash 2 Trade, like many of the top ICOs, has been developed by developers who are already experienced and thriving in the crypto field – having launched Learn2Trade – and has a fully doxxed professional crew.


 IMPT is a brand-new cryptocurrency presale that has only recently begun but has already garnered $11 million in investment in just three weeks, selling out the first part of its presale four weeks ahead of schedule.

The project, overseen by a doxxed team with senior expertise in numerous international commerce and telecommunications corporations, aims to address a significant worry of the modern world: climate change.

4. Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin has an advantage because it is a community-driven project. It also claims to be the world’s first meme-powered decentralized exchange with a cross-chain feature.

The Big Eyes Swap platform will connect Ethereum, its host blockchain, with other crypto networks. It will also create exciting opportunities for users to earn sizeable passive income.

Oryen is the future

Oryen has established itself as one of the most significant cryptocurrencies this year. Moreover, its token’s price performance before the full launch implies a bright future for the project and its users.

Investors looking for the most excellent cryptocurrency projects can look into Oryen. Due to its unique token features and staking methods, ORY will outperform and outlast numerous projects.

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