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Here’s Why Not Buying, Quant Or Filecoin Now Means You Are Missing Out

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If only investors could follow the advice: ‘‘Buy low, Sell high.’’ Markets remain simple; it is human psychology and emotions that are complicated. Investors who bought into crypto last year during the bull market and who refuse to invest now out of fear will never make it. If they thought BTC was a good buy at $45,000 but would not buy it at $20,000, they were either motivated by greed and unsuited to the markets or misunderstood the asset they purchased.

The current market conditions offer the opportunity to create wealth that will transform investors’ lives. This is not hyperbole, investors buying now will walk away rich in the next bull market, but the majority will miss out due to fear.

Uniglo (GLO), Quant (QNT), and Filecoin (FIL) are set to be amongst the top performers in the market reversal, and every investor should add these assets to their watchlist.

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo is an Ethereum-based protocol providing a store of value over an extended period. Its presale has seen heavy participation, specifically amongst whales targeting this value store. This comes as no surprise in an era of galloping inflation and volatility.

Uniglo utilizes a technique used by the ultra-wealthy for generations to preserve their wealth; asset ownership. The Uniglo Vault houses a collection of assets funded via buy and sell taxes. Exposing the investor to a basket of assets reduces volatility through diversification and allows the Vault’s valuation to deliver smooth long-term performance. This social currency has perfectly blended wealth preservation and growth speculation into a single investment vehicle and easily has the potential to 50X.

Quant (QNT)

Quant has enormous potential. Scalability was the defining challenge of the previous bull market, and interoperability will be the defining challenge of the next bull market. Quant is an interoperability network that employs its Overledger DLT gateway technology to connect distinct blockchains.

Quant’s huge advantage is that its software does not require teams to add infrastructure to their existing blockchain. This seamless connection between various layer one projects will bring the entire ecosystem together into one unified whole. 

Filecoin (FIL)

Centralized cloud storage providers suffer a single point of failure, and multiple times, sensitive data has been leaked from these platforms. Filecoin introduces decentralized data storage removing the single point of failure and delivering a better system for storing data.

The greatest application for Filecoin is its usefulness in preserving democracy. As democracy declines globally, Filecoin allows essential information to be stored in an immutable fashion. Citizens can always see the accurate record of history, not the information which is fed to them by dictators. Westerners may find it hard to grasp FIL’s value intrinsically, but this decentralized storage system has already seen huge adoption. It is primed to enjoy a massive boom as demand for data storage grows.

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