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Changes And New Incentives In The FBS IB Affiliate Program
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Changes And New Incentives In The FBS IB Affiliate Program

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As a result of FBS looking for new options to offer its affiliates, FBS has changed its IB affiliate program upside down to create new options for affiliates who wish to attract new members in exchange for greater benefits.

Some programs within the broker’s market strategies are designed to reward its affiliates with high commissions granted for each trading lot, which is part and parcel of the market strategy for the broker. As a result, there are times when the commissions can reach as high as $80 per traded lot.

One of the most key aspects of this new offer is that the new advertisement materials have been added to the partners’ area to maximize conversions.

On the other hand, as mobile devices are preferred by clients, leading to better segmentation and ad quality, FBS now has an easier way to interact with its partners thanks to a redesigned Personal Area.

FBS has also begun providing detailed stats about the success of partner campaigns in its partner area. This includes information on the number of clients that have signed up for the campaigns, referral links they have provided, and other important information.

Listening to changes on marketing

FBS strives to keep up with the most current market trends and keep customers interested by providing the best brokerage services available. FBS also hopes to strengthen its customer base by granting a ‘Quick Start Bonus’ of $100 to all new customers. It is hoped that this will make the business attractive to prospective customers in the long run.

Traders can access MT4/MT5 interfaces compatible with multiple operating systems and other platforms through the FBS application available on Android, iOS, and other devices.

Further, this broker has compiled a seven-step guide aimed at new traders that are intended to assist them in overcoming the most common barriers experienced by new investors when they enter the financial markets for the first time.

There is a 7-Step Guide that provides a summary of the key FBS trading tools and an explanation of the platform’s order placement process, and tips and strategies for managing risk.

After certain conditions are met, the $100 reward will be distributed to the winner. A reward of $5 is offered for each closed lot, and a reward of $2.5 is offered for each hedged lot that is closed.

Also, the company has recently launched a crypto trading account that will provide users access to the growing cryptocurrency ecosystem by granting them access to the cryptocurrency market. The trading platform offered by FBS allows traders to trade almost 100 different tokens, from Bitcoins and Ethereums to IOTA, NEO, and TRONs. The website also offers the ability to trade many popular crypto-assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the most popular altcoins available today. Additionally, this account can support crypto crosses, fiat crosses, and commodities, such as the Bitcoin/Gold (BTC: XAU) cross that has become increasingly popular in recent months.

In the crypto trading account, there is a commission of 0.05% on opening and closing each trade, regardless of the value of the trade. The minimum amount for opening a crypto trading account is $1, and the minimum amount to deposit is $1. This broker also offers leverage of up to 1:5 to cryptocurrency traders and allows them to hold up to 200 open positions and pending orders simultaneously.

There are many pros associated with this crypto trading account, but the best one is that it is accessible to its customers 24/7 every single day. This makes it the ideal trading account for those who prefer to adopt a flexible schedule when performing their activities.

Nevertheless, there is one important factor to take into account. The FBS crypto account can only be accessed through the MetaTrader 5 platform, so if you are looking to use it, you should know that it is the only platform that can be accessed with it.

About FBS

Belize is home to the headquarters of this company. Its services offer clients a wide range of financial instruments, including stocks, indices, currencies, and commodities. More than 320,000 partners have chosen FBS as their preferred firm for forex trading, and our company has over 17 million subscribers from over 150 countries. As a result, FBS has established itself internationally as one of the most respected forex trading brokers.

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