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Four leading cloud infrastructure vendors account for 67% share of $129B market

Last year was a monumental year for the cloud infrastructure sector as leading service providers recorded significant and steady growth. According to data researched by Trading Platforms, the top four cloud infrastructure vendors accounted for 67% of the market share during Q4 2020. Amazon Web Services had the largest percentage at 32%, followed by Microsoft …

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Trading Platforms Enjoy Record Growth of Customers in 2020

According to data researched by, the world’s biggest trading platforms enjoyed record growth of new customers in 2020. Social trading firm eToro added the highest number at 5 million users in 2020, a 38.46% increase from 2019’s 13 million users. Robinhood continued to attract retail traders with an addition of about 3 million new …

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Demand for Stock Trading Apps Increases 10x During WallStreetBets Saga

The WallStreetBets saga continues to rattle the financial market as more investors show the intention of putting their money in the affected volatile stocks. Amid the saga, interest in trading stocks apps has surged during the period. Data presented by Trading Platforms indicates that United States Google search interest in the phrase ‘Stock trading apps’ …

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Leading Solar Stocks Average ROI Surges to 135% in 6 Months

Solar energy stocks have recorded significant growth in the last few months, boosted by factors like regulatory changes. These stocks’ growth is reflected in the Return on Investments for the selected leading solar energy companies. Data presented by Trading Platforms indicates that four leading solar energy stocks have recorded an average ROI of 135.2% over …

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Over $21B Raised by 10 Biggest IPOs of 2020, 8.5x Less than 10 Biggest IPOs in History

Last year turned out as one of the best for Initial Public Offering by major companies despite facing tremendous uncertainty. However, some companies that forged ahead and launched their IPOs have recorded tremendous returns amid the global economic turmoil. Data presented by Trading Platforms indicates that 2020’s top ten IPOs raised about $21.57 billion in …

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It Costs $25 Million Daily in Electricity to Process Bitcoin Transactions

As the Bitcoin network expands, more mining energy is needed to fulfill the growing demand for the BTC. The asset has not only attracted attention due to the soaring price but also the electricity consumption used in power transactions. Data presented by Trading Platforms indicates that it costs $25.2 million daily in electricity to process …

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Bitcoin market cap nears 50% of Silver, Surpasses 32% of FTSE's 100

The continued growth of Bitcoin has led to some projecting that the asset will ultimately become a haven for investment. Despite making gains, data shows that Bitcoin continues to trail traditional indices and assets in market capitalization. Data presented by Trading Platforms indicates that Bitcoin’s market cap of $666 billion is almost half of Silver’s …

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U.S. Challenger Banks Record 40% User Growth to 39 Million Within a Year

Challenger banks are positioning themselves to take over the future banking industry by building the foundation for growth. These banks are therefore seeing growth in users, driven mainly by their value proposition. Data presented by Trading Platforms indicates seven American challenger banks cumulatively recorded a user growth of 39.28% between 2019 and 2020. Last year …

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